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Born in Madrid (Spain), journalist, essayist and webmaster. Titled by the Department of Information and Tourism as Technician of Mass Media, for the Faculty of Sciences of the Information of the Complutense university of Madrid in the Section of Sciences of the Visual and Auditory Image, for the Faculty of Sciences of the UNED department of Computer science and Automatic and for the Technical Top School of Industrial Engineers of the UNED, department of Electrical Electronic engineering and of Control, with other three titles of University Expert in Internet (1999), in Bases of Information (2000) and in Nets (2001). It has your final works published in the webs of the mentioned courses.

He was rewarded by The Union of Writers and Spanish Journalists (UEPE) with the Prize to the website of Journalism in Internet or digital work published in Spanish, edition year 2000 by your work as webmaster in the area of the digital journalism.


He belonged of the juror of the international literary award Demetrio Cañizares in his your edition 2001.

It He, has the intellectual property of your essay "Internet and Society " (2002) And presented the inscription of rights in the Territorial Record of the of Madrid of your novel Españ (2006)

He was a journalist as reporter and the director. He collaborates circunstancialmente in the mass media.

At present he is a manager in Internet of portals with utilities to foment the managerial development by means of the application of the new technologies, stimulating at the same time other projects (as REDCA, Red Española de Cyber Ayuntamientos) of R+D+I and R+D+T, across the Association for the Development and Implantation of the New Technologies in the Local Administrations - ADINTAL - (in step of constitution), of that he is co-founding


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